The Quartet - New Living Concept by NextHome - Design and Development

The Quartet - New Living Concept by NextHome

Posted by Bosun Davies /  September 26, 2011 / in Design and Development

This concept was conceived as a cheaper and better alternative to the conventional back-to-back tenement houses and poorly designed terrace units.

The introduction of this concept can be linked to a wider movement for progressive change in style of living.

This type of residential unit is for people who can’t quite afford a detached house, but do not want to live in flats.

The new design is an improvement on the terrace houses found in the city areas. The terrace houses usually have only 22’ or 24’ frontages and this is too tight. Parking space is a major issue for terrace houses as they usually have little or no parking space for visitors.

There is also too little external walls for proper ventilation and lighting for the rooms within them: the various rooms in a terrace unit compete for space for windows.

The Quartet - New Living Concept by NextHome

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The Quartet Advantage

The Quartet has the advantage of being a corner unit with a garden to the side. There is more space for windows, and this makes the layout easier – there are enough external walls to provide windows for all the rooms. It also has at least 30’ frontage depending on the land size. This means that after providing for the gates to the car-porches of the lower and upper floor units, there is still at least another 10’ to the side.

There is another important advantage – terrace houses usually have a rear garden for the ground floor unit. But the Quartet has a front and a rear garden!

Note for readers: Outside the pioneering design shown here, I don't know of any housing scheme that has used this building type. If anyone reading this should know of one in their area, I'd be grateful if you'd email me with information.

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