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The procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) in Lagos, Nigeria shown in this article is the official process as described by the Lagos State Government.

  1. The Applicant should purchase and submit the application pack to the Land Use Allocation Commission (LUAC) and collect an acknowledgement slip.
  2. Day Applicants collect letter of offer of allocation
  3. The Applicant should pay for the allocated land within 90 days.
  4. A letter of confirmation is issued to the Applicant with a plot and block number.
  5. The Scheme Officer processes the application for the C of O, signs off on the file and forwards the files to ES LUAC - 5 Days
  6. The Surveyor General provides Scheme Officer with digitized survey - 2 Days
  7. ES LUAC approves processing and signs letter of allocation. ES LUAC signs off on the file and sends the file to the Senior Special Assistant to His Excellency, Lands (SSA Lands) - 2 Days
  8. The SSA, Lands vets the entire file and sends it with a covering memo to the Permanent Secretary Lands Bureau (PS Lands) - 2 Days
  9. Should the file have a query,  the message is relayed back by notification
  10. The PS, Lands signs off on the memo and sends the file to His Excellency - 2 Days
  11. His Excellency approves file and electronically signs the C of O - 2 Days
  12. Should the file has a query, message is relayed back by notification
  13. Upon approval and signing of the C of O by His Excellency, He signs off and sends it to the Deputy Registrar for further processing - 2 Days
  14. The Deputy Registrar processes the file further, signs off and sends it to Registrar of Titles for final registration - 2 Days
  15. The Registrar of Titles registers the C of O, signs off and request for printing of C of O - 1 Day

This process adds up to a total of 21 days.