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Whether you live together with other people under one roof or live together as a resident in an estate, all sorts of things happen, good and bad. While we always hope for the best, it makes sense to try and predict the worst in advance... re-think it before making any commitments to buy, rent or lease any property.

Even living in the family house with your parents, siblings and the rest of the family can be unpleasant when personalities collide. When strangers spend a lot of time together, each with different habits, or even a different cultural background, this may become a potentially explosive situation - if house mates and neighbors are wrong for one another.


For those who need homes to buy but don't have all the money for outright payment, Coral Courts offers an opportunity for homeownership with its flexible payment plan.

Coral Courts is Sheeler Ventures' private development scheme showcasing 12 units of three-bedroom apartments in two distinct wings with adequate parking lots and landscaping in the highbrow area of Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos . It is an apartment block with emphasis on contemporary design ideal for investment and residence.


As part of its commitment towards boosting housing stocks in the country, a real estate firm, Adkan Engineering Services has completed 37 units of fully-furnished duplexes in its Monarch Garden Estate situated at Life camp area, Abuja.

Adkan, which also developed Sun City and Model City says the houses are now on the stable for would be investors/buyers, who desire to enjoy the fulfillment the estate provides.


Significant changes to your home like a new extension or a redesign of a particular area will typically call for a professional hand. Then comes the question "what should I look out for while selecting a professional builder?". This question is even more important when you have little or no experience in the area. An article from The Guardian suggested the tips below.

Choosing a Builder

  1. Have a clear idea about the project you want to undertake.
  2. Start with referral from people you know.
  3. Ask the builder about previous projects. Request to see some of them if possible.
  4. Check if they are a member of any trade organisation such as the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB)
  5. Be clear about the bill. Know what is included and what isn't.
  6. Get quotes from at least two builders for comparison.
  7. Find out if the builder is insured in case of damage to your property or other accidents

You can read the full article here.


The thought of moving into a new house you just rented or bought is usually exciting. Its fun knowing you’re about to make a new home and a new nest for yourself and family. But at the same time moving into a new place can be very challenging. And tiring too!


Getting a place to rent can be quite a challenge. It could take anywhere from a few days to few weeks or even more. We discovered an interesting article that talks about things to consider when Renting a new place. We thought to summarize and share the key guidelines that should be followed or considered.

Consider Your Budget Carefully

Before you even look at a property, workout what you can afford by looking at what your outgoings are likely to be. For instance, you should expect to incur costs like


Nigeria Property Centre does NOT subscribe people to the HOMS Scheme. Visit the Lagos State Government website for details on how to subscribe.

The Lagos State Government unveiled a new Home Ownership and Mortgage Scheme (HOMS) which is aimed at aiding Lagosians acquire home. Further details of this scheme has been released and are listed in this article.


In light of the ever increasing pressure to provide decent and affordable housing, the Lagos State Government has established a mortgage finance system to aid Lagosians acquire homes. The scheme, known as  the Lagos Home Ownership and Mortgage Scheme (HOMS), will afford first time home buyers resident in Lagos State the opportunity to own houses. The scheme will also facilitate the creation of long term sustainable wealth for the Lagos state government.

According to Mr. Shina Odunuda, the spokesman at the State Ministry of Housing, in addition to providing the pool of houses, the government will also provide the funds for the mortgage facilities.