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Whether you live together with other people under one roof or live together as a resident in an estate, all sorts of things happen, good and bad. While we always hope for the best, it makes sense to try and predict the worst in advance... re-think it before making any commitments to buy, rent or lease any property.

Even living in the family house with your parents, siblings and the rest of the family can be unpleasant when personalities collide. When strangers spend a lot of time together, each with different habits, or even a different cultural background, this may become a potentially explosive situation - if house mates and neighbors are wrong for one another.


As concerns continue to swell within the metropolis over a proposed tenancy law in Lagos, professionals, particularly, members of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) have begun serious consultations that may culminate into dialoguing with the state government.

To this end, NIESV’s national body has set up a committee to liaise with its Lagos Chapter to understudy the law as copies of the law had been sent copy to all members for their inputs, especially, areas they perceive not to be in conformity with their rules or Act establishing and guiding the practice of estate surveying in Nigeria.


As Lagosians await the assent of the controversial new tenancy law by Governor Raji Fashola to usher in a regime of rent control, divergent views have continued to becloud the proposed document.

While some said the law would further fuel corruption in the housing sub-sector, thereby creating more problems than proffering solution, there are those who said though the law appears to be a stitch in nigh, yet, their concern is about implementation.


It’s like the real estate agents’ mantra: location, location, location. You’ve certainly heard the phrase enough and may wonder what possesses agents to say it three times. Or you might think it pertains to three different types of locations — perhaps an excellent location, a mediocre location and a lousy location.

I’ll put your mind at ease. It means identical homes can increase or decrease in value due to location. It’s repeated three times for emphasis, and so you will remember the phrase. It’s the number one rule in real estate, and it’s often the most overlooked rule.


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The 1004 estate in Victoria Island, Lagos offers home seekers decent accommodation with basic facilities and simple luxury like a swimming pool. 800 two and three bedroom flats (80%) of the 1004 flats in this estate entered into entered the Victoria Island market almost the same time in October 2010 with very high rent tags which market analysts viewed as unrealistic in the circumstance. Apparently responding to the credit crisis in the financial system however, landlords of the various flats at the estate have slashed the rents considerably. A two-bedroom flat which was ₦2.75 million per annum now goes for ₦1.7 million per annum. Three-bedroom flat have come down from ₦3.5 million per annum to ₦2.2 million per annum.

1004 Estate was one of the Federal Government's properties that were brought into the market following government's monetization policy. The estate which housed senior federal civil servants was sold for ₦7 billion by the Federal Government to a consortium led by the UAC Property Development Company (UPDC) Plc. in 2006. It was a highly sought after property because of it prime location in Victoria Island, Lagos.


Getting a place to rent can be quite a challenge. It could take anywhere from a few days to few weeks or even more. We discovered an interesting article that talks about things to consider when Renting a new place. We thought to summarize and share the key guidelines that should be followed or considered.

Consider Your Budget Carefully

Before you even look at a property, workout what you can afford by looking at what your outgoings are likely to be. For instance, you should expect to incur costs like


Experts within the real estate industry expect the value of property in Surulere, Lagos to increase following the delivery of some major development schemes by the Lagos authorities. These projects include the Gbaja Shopping, Mall, the upgraded Adeniran Ogunsanya Street and Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, amongst others.

According to the governor, the development of the property had transformed what was formerly a scruffy part of town to a beautiful environment even as the project, which was completed in the stipulated time, is in consonance with the trend of infrastructural development being witnessed all over the state.


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