A Quick Guide to Moving House - General

A Quick Guide to Moving House

Posted by Adminstrator /  May 01, 2011 / in General

The thought of moving into a new house you just rented or bought is usually exciting. Its fun knowing you’re about to make a new home and a new nest for yourself and family. But at the same time moving into a new place can be very challenging. And tiring too!

As the day to move house draws closer, you’ve probably got a hundred things going through your head that you wish to take care of! Anyway, we completely understand this kind of situation so we’ve looked around the Web and put together a Quick Summary of things you should take care of as the D-day to move draws near.

One Month to go...

  1. Contact at least 3 removal companies for quotes. You could also ask friends for recommendations (or maybe borrow their cars but let them know in time!!) Whatever the case, finalize your booking as soon as possible.
  2. Sell, donate or dump as much as you can before you move – Friends/family, co-workers or charities.  You don’t need to move junk with you. It’s just more stress for items you’ll probably never use.
  3. Inspect/Check your contracts with TV/internet/telephone subscriptions. You may need 30 days’ notice or so which should be considered so that you don’t end up paying for services you’re not using.
  4. If you plan on transferring any of your subscribed services (TV/Internet etc.) to your new home check whether the service is available there and how long it would take to install a service in your new home if needed.
  5. Think about whether you need any furnishings or other items for your new house. You may need to order now to ensure it arrives on time!

3 Weeks to Go…

  1. Take to make a list of companies, utility providers (NEPA, LSWC etc.) subscriptions and people you need to notify about your move. It will take a few hours to notify everyone on the phone, by post, in person (or online) so try to do it in stages.
  2. Check your insurance policy and ensure it will transfer over to your new home – update required changes.
  3. If you’re packing up yourself, start packing items that you will not need before the move – books, DVDs etc. Break the task down into achievable amounts so it’s not overwhelming. Ensure boxes are clearly labelled.

2 Weeks to Go…

  1. Make a list of items you will need on your first night (bedding, bathroom/kitchen essentials, homework, important documents) and valuables and set an ‘essentials’ box aside to be loaded last (whether with the movers or in your own car) and unpacked first on moving day.
  2. Research and find out the Doctors, Car Mechanics, in your new area. Don’t forget generator mechanics as well!
  3. Make arrangements for your children and pets on moving day. If they will be present make sure they are occupied and stay out of the way of the movers – for their own safety, as well as that of the movers.

1 Week to Go…

  1. Gather all the appliance manuals and keys that the potential new inhabitants of your old place will need.
  2. Assign jobs to everyone present on the day – checking cupboards are empty, collecting keys, saying goodbye etc.

1 Day to Go…

  1. Finish your last bits of packing, collecting all the bits and bobs that are lying around the house.
  2. Take the all your garbage (or recycling) and dispose appropriately. Let’s make sure the newcomers will praise the way you departed. Make your mum proud!

Let’s get Moving…

  1. Take the electricity (NEPA meter) and water bill readings in both properties –old place and new home.
  2. Stay calm, have lots of groundnut and Coke around you for breaks to keep your energy up – it will be a long day!

That’s it! Still, we’ve probably missed something out so those of you who have moved places recently, please share your experiences and perhaps we might learn a few more things.

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