With the introduction of its "Homeowners Charter Program", the Ogun State government is poised to assist property owners in the State who hitherto have no valid land documents, to regularize their property/land documents. The Ogun State Ministry of Urban and Physical Planning asserts that this move will help rebuild the State by providing adequate data for the medium-term planning - provision of hospitals, roads, schools and other public infrastructures to the residents of the state. To this end, the Ogun State Government promises to waive 'all accrued penalties while fees will be discounted.

The Ogun State Government says this scheme became expedient because a GIS Satellite mapping of the State forecasts that the state is replete with sizeable numbers of undocumented properties and houses with no building plan approvals, C of O's and other relevant documents.

The Ogun State Ministry of Urban and Physical Planning however makes it clear that some properties are not eligible for participation in the 'Homeowners Charter Program'. Such properties include: those built on government acquired lands, those erected under PHCN high tension cables, properties obstructing right of way of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Pipelines and properties sitting on flood planes.

Property owners in Ogun State with no valid documents should avail themselves of this rare opportunity to sort their property documents once and for all.